Sunday, January 25, 2009


I had an awesome time today, so i just thought I would write before it gets forgotten with the passing of the program! Today was our "free day," so I ended up sleeping in late (first time waking up past 6:30 am while i've been here!), washing my laundry (in the sink), going to an optional Thai class, going to a food market, and then going to this really cool agricultural fair on the KKU campus. This university is HUGE - it could take more than an hour to walk across the campus. We took a "cab" to the fair - which was us sitting in the back of a pick-up truck - and the whole thing was like state fairs at home, but Thai style. There were ostriches, a ton of really cute puppies for sale (only about 1 or 2 US dollars...tempting!), Buddha statues, crocodiles, a deer in a cage, really nice furniture, clothes, and OF COURSE, bugs to eat. i ate a cockroach, and it was disgusting. However, a couple of my friends and I made a pact at the beginning of the program that we would try anything that was presented to us. So, I tried it! It was crunchy and kind of tasted like a weird form of banana. But the thing that really got me was the legs sticking in my teeth. eewww. My group of friends also ate scorpions, crickets, and other bugs. Although this pact has led me to try really gross foods, it has made me eat things that I definitely wouldn't otherwise, so that is a good thing!!

That's basically it, I am off to bed soon and then I have to wake up early for KKU day, where we have to dress in our polite finest (skirts below knees, collared shirts, no sleeveless shirts, etc) and get our IDs for the university. Then we head off to our homestay! i am really excited because there is a kid in my family who is pretty young! The first homestay didn't have any young children - just a 15 year old boy who was really scared of us hah - so i am bringing coloring books, and clay to play with them. Alright off to sleep on my exceptionally firm mattress! Hope all is well with everyone!

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  1. couldn't have picked a "cleaner" bug to try?? I hope it was dead at least when you ate it. Bet you were really excited to see the deer...exotic!